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GULF SURVEY provides the following Professional Services;

Geotechnical Studies & Soil Investigation

Gulf Survey offers site and geotechnical investigation to carry out investigations of projects and clients in the UAE and neighboring Gulf Region. Regardless of the size of the project, all GULF SURVEY projects are approached with expertise, technology and equipment required to meet the client need. Gulf Survey maintains modern drilling and soil / rock sampling equipment designed for site investigation purposes according to the latest technologies in the world. The scopes of services of the site and geotechnical investigation department are:
• Drilling, sampling, field and laboratory testing
• Geotechnical studies for various types of structures; such as buildings, roads, and special structures.
• Off-shore geotechnical investigation.
• Surveys including geological and geotechnical mapping.

Topograpic Surveying & Hydrographic Surveying

The Gulf Survey Surveying Department provides integrated Total Station and Real-time Kinematic (RTK) Global Position System (GPS) technologies with automated data collection, computer aided surveying and global positioning systems (GPS) capabilities for:
Gulf Survey Surveying Department (GSS) provides comprehensive precise hydrographic and land surveying services utilizing state-of- the-art electronic equipment to gather accurate spatial data and to process the information using the latest software in computer aided drafting (CAD).


• As-Built Survey.                                                                               • Traversing & Level Loop Survey.
• Laser Scanning Survey.                                                                 • Pipe Route Demarcation Survey.
• Hiring of Surveyors & Instruments.                                             • Demarcation of Plots.
• Ground Detection and Utility mapping.                                      • Water Sampling & Testing.
• Seabed Sediment Sampling & Testing.                                      • Near Shore Tidal Zone Survey.
• Single and Mutli-Beam (Swath Bathymetric Survey).             • Quantity / Volumetric Survey.
• Sea Bed Imaging using Side Scan Sonar.                                  • Establishing Control Points.
• Low Sea Bed Profiling to Determine Subsurface Geology.     • Bathymetric Survey.
• Magnetic Anomaly Survey to Determine Metal Objects.         • Tidal Measurement.
• Current & Wave Measurements using ADCP.

Material Technology Testing & Instrumentation

The materials testing department covers a wide range of specialized services which extend from routine testing of materials to consultation on complex problems related to materials technology and its application. Equipped with modern field and laboratory testing equipment; complying with the British Standards (BS) or American Standards (ASTM) in the field of concrete, soil, aggregate, water, steel reinforcement, building materials, and non-destructive testing.

Geophysical Investigations

Geophysical surveys can provide accurate and timely answers to questions with a minimum amount of disturbance to the surface of a site. In essence, geophysics allows you to “see below the surface” without having to excavate large areas or drill an inordinate number of boreholes.
Onshore Methods:
• Multichannel analysis of surface waves (MASW)
• Seismic refraction & tomography
• Borehole seismic methods including tomography (downhole and crosshole testing)
• Ground penetrating radar (GPR)
• Self-potential (SP)
• Electrical resistivity tomography (ERT)
• Geographic Information System (GIS)
• VSP and check shot seismic
• Groundwater exploration and assessment.
• Vibration Monitoring
• Digitizing Services
Offshore Methods:
• Marine Multichannel analysis of surface waves (Marine MASW)
• Marine Electrical Resistivity Tomography (Marine ERT)
• Marine Magnetic Survey
• Marine Refraction
• Marine Reflection
• Single and Multi-Beam Echo Sounder
• Geohazard surveys

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