Professional Services

These are services which are provided by GULF SURVEY may be summarized as follows:

Geotechnical Studies & Soil investigation

Gulf Survey offers site and geotechnical investigation to carry out investigations of projects and clients in the UAE and neighboring Gulf Region. Regardless of the size of the project, all GULF SURVEY projects are approached with expertise, technology, and equipment required to meet the client’s needs.

Topograpic Surveying & Hydrographic Surveying

The Gulf Survey Surveying Department provides integrated Total Station and Real-time Kinematic (RTK) Global Position System (GPS) technologies with automated data collection, computer-aided surveying, and global positioning systems (GPS) capabilities.

Material Technology Testing & Instrumentation

The materials testing department covers a wide range of specialized services which extend from routine testing of materials to consultation on complex problems related to materials technology and its application. Equipped with modern field and laboratory testing equipment;

Geophysical Studies

Geophysical surveys can provide accurate and timely answers to questions with a minimum amount of disturbance to the surface of a site. In essence, geophysics allows you to “see below the surface” without having to excavate large areas or drill an inordinate number of boreholes.