Geophysical Studies Marine and Land

Geophysical surveys can provide accurate and timely answers to questions with a minimum amount of disturbance to the surface of a site. In essence, geophysics allows you to “see below the surface” without having to excavate large areas or drill an inordinate number of boreholes.
Onshore Methods:
• Multichannel analysis of surface waves (MASW)
• Seismic refraction & tomography
• Borehole seismic methods including tomography (downhole and crosshole testing)
• Ground-penetrating radar (GPR)
• Self-potential (SP)
• Electrical resistivity tomography (ERT)
• Geographic Information System (GIS)
• VSP and check shot seismic
• Groundwater exploration and assessment.
• Vibration Monitoring
• Digitizing Services
Offshore Methods:
• Marine Multichannel analysis of surface waves (Marine MASW)
• Marine Electrical Resistivity Tomography (Marine ERT)
• Marine Magnetic Survey
• Marine Refraction
• Marine Reflection
• Single and Multi-Beam Echo Sounder
• Geohazard surveys
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